10 days and counting! I love apples.

14 Sep

The Montreal Oasis Marathon is only 10 days away and i am so pumped! As many of you know, i’m running with the PETA Pack to raise money for PETA’s Rescue and Investigations fund. In the past couple of weeks, my fundraising page has seen a flood of donation activity, which pleases me beyond words! I never dreamed i’d be able to raise 500$, and i’ve surpassed my goal with more donations waiting to be registered! The money you have all donated will go a long way in supporting PETA’s efforts to raise awareness, provide support and lead investigations. As Paul McCartney once said: “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian”. If more people understood and knew what went on behind the scenes at circuses, in zoos, at slaughterhouses, in labs, they would be able to make informed choices when choosing what to eat, what to wear, where to seek out entertainment, and what products to buy. Unfortunately, ignorance is not bliss.

Things that ARE bliss:

1. “The Thrive Diet”, by Brendan Brazier. The sports gel recipes Mr. Brazier shares in this book are incredible. More effective than store-bought gels, and so much healthier!

2. My running shoes. My delightful boyf bought them for me as his own personal donation to my racing efforts, and boy do they make me run fast! I think it’s the flashy stripes on the sides…

3. Vegan Break‘s Peanut Butter Chocolate cupcakes. Go make these now. They are sinful. Or ask me to make them for you. I need an excuse to make them again because they are so good. (Christina Vani, for real, go make these now.)

4. Apples.

On the running front, i’ve come across a little speed bump (pun INTENDED!) in my training. I kind of hurt my knee a teensy little bit, and i’ve had to slow down my training. Truthfully, the doctor told me to stop training completely for 5 days. Those 5 days were the longest ever! I couldn’t believe how much my body yearned to run. I kept looking at my running shoes with longing in my eyes. (Again, it might be because of the cool flashy stripes on the side) Now that i have re-embarked in my training, i’m running much slower than before, with no goal or expectations. It takes crazy amounts of willpower to slow down instead of speeding up, to recognize that my body is demanding that i go at a respectful pace. This is where my yoga off the mat comes in. Listening to my body when it comes to yoga is a piece of cake (most of the time…!), but applying the same compassion towards my body when it comes to non-asana (posture) situations is kind of super challenging. Performing to the best of my ability come race day does not necessarily mean beating my best training times. I must let go of the concept of setting personal time records, and concentrate on respecting my body’s limitations, while completing my initial goal, which was simply crossing the finish line and raising money for our animal friends. Whether i cross that finish line in 3 hours or 2 million hours, i know that my family and friends will be at the finish line ready to give my big hugs, i will have raised an insane amount of money for animals, and i will have completed that initial goal of completing the 1/2 marathon. The fact that my team, the PETA Pack, has raised close to 100,000$ as of today, and my fundraising is a part of this awesome achievement, helps me keep this all in perspective. I’m running to make a difference in the lives of countless animals who need our help; my goal is not to run fast, my goal is just to run. To stay present, to be part of something much bigger than my time goals and finish line expectations. Just to run.



2 Responses to “10 days and counting! I love apples.”

  1. Michelle September 14, 2011 at 7:17 pm #

    Aww, thanks for mentioning Vegan Break and the heavenly cupcakes! I’ll be making more this weekend for the PETA Pack bake sale in Oakland.

  2. Contessa Maria September 16, 2011 at 4:55 pm #

    My sweetness, I always look forward to reading your blog! It is the best writing, amazing humour, compassionate energy and so loveable. All the ingredients that are YOU!! You are amazing and I am so blessed everyday to have your beautiful goddess presence in my life!! You will ‘shine’ during the run, gracing the streets with your beautiful power! Btw…you can make the peanut butter cupcakes the next time that I am in la belle Montreal! Love and Light always!

    Your Contessa Auntie!!

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